What happens if my baby cries/is not in the mood for massage/yoga during a workshop/course session or tutorial?

It is no problem if your baby is not in the right mood at the time of the session; you can watch and learn without directly massaging/practising yoga and we can recap at the end (and at the following session(s) if you feel you have missed anything. My instruction is about learning about how you can communicate, soothe and connect with your baby through baby massage (/baby yoga), vocalisation and eye contact. You will learn theory as well as practical tips. There will be plenty of opportunity to practise later at home or later in the course. Even if you massage just a few minutes, or only practise a few baby yoga moves – a little bit of massage and yoga works wonders! If your baby begins to cry during the class you are the best judge of whether to finish the massage/yoga or continue. You are welcome to feed, let your baby sleep, cuddle, walk with your baby at any time – the babies are the leaders of our time together!

What if I miss a course session?

Don’t worry, we repeat everything each session and you can catch up with anything. Please just ask me if you have any specific questions.

How do I pay and what are your terms and conditions?

Payment is upon confirmation of your session or course booking and in advance of the activity; I will contact you direct with payment details, terms and conditions.

When to massage?

Always massage your baby when they are calm and alert. Do not massage your baby if they are unwell, have a fever, upset tummy, sickness, rash, unusual lumps or bumps or any contagious illness. If your baby has any chronic medical conditions, please seek medical consent first. Do not massage within 72 hours of vaccinations.