Baby massage offers us the perfect ingredients to bond with our babies: Mutual observation and eye-to-eye contact, touch, proximity and the pure practice itself of taking time to relax together.

Since babies cannot immediately understand our spoken language, nor see perfectly, touch is a vital and effective way for parents to bond and communicate with their babies.

Massage offers us the practice of tuning into our babies to observe and learn their cues while they too can observe and learn to read our expressions; to share our touch and scent as well as our voice and language if accompanied by our gentle talking or singing – all these components can enable us to build and enjoy a lasting, close relationship with our baby.

Since our touch via massage helps us to relax via the stimulation of our relaxation hormones, this practice also offers us a “slice of serenity”: Time to relax together, perhaps when our lives are otherwise hectic. Even if just for a few minutes every so often, a little massage works wonders in bringing us close together!