Benefits of baby massage

Baby massage offers us a slice of serenity – time to relax and connect with our babies.

Taking time to tune into our babies for massage practice can also help us to be receptive to their individual and unique cues – something so valuable and critical to our relationship and mutual understanding. I personally found this very helpful as a mama to our most recent baby girl, for gaining confidence in those early months.

Perhaps for you too, baby massage can be the perfect antidote to an otherwise hectic and sometimes overwhelming parenting lifestyle, trying to sustain as much quality time with our babies while racing them around from car seat to buggy, errand to errand, maybe also juggling older children and/or professional life.

We can in addition learn ways to help support the development and health of our babies in a natural and holistic way through baby massage, be it to help with colicky issues, teething pains or via easy-settling and “sleepy strokes”, or to stimulate their sensory systems, immunity and body awareness. Throw in a little lullaby and a big smile, and your practice can also simply be just plain fun!

Please look through my webpages to learn about the benefits of baby massage – I hope they help inspire you to consider giving baby massage a go, even if you don’t decide to learn with me!