Baby Yoga Classes

Ideal for babies 8 weeks – to crawling

Class: 60-75mins

€ price upon enquiry


  • Warm-up stretches for you, inspired by yoga practice.
  • Stretches, moves or “mini asanas” (poses) for your baby, designed to help baby’s body gently stretch and move in a positive way, especially when often in car sat, buggy or crib. 
  • Lots of songs and play to have fun together with your baby along with rolls, swings and dips to help them develop their sense of balance and body awareness.
  • Dry massage routines and strokes. Dry massage is an excellent way to stimulate baby’s nervous system, immunity, blood circulation and body awareness.
  • Yoga-inspired movements for you as mama; gentle and designed to help restore and nourish your postnatal body.
  • Breathing, relaxation and mindfulness exercises for you.


Please contact me direct for information on activity dates, availability and bookings.