Baby Massage Foundation Workshop

This workshop offers you and your baby an introduction to baby massage in a professional yet relaxed and personal environment (max. 6 parents and babies per workshop).

The aim is to offer you a moment of relaxation with your baby together with basic insight into Indian-inspired baby massage practice.

I hope this investment of your time can inspire you to try out some key strokes at home and, if you and your baby enjoy it, to start you on your own journey of baby massage. For those who wish to continue and develop their baby massage practice, this workshop offers the perfect gateway into my full 4-session baby massage course.

Ideal for babies 8 weeks – to crawling

Workshop length: 90 mins

€65 EUR


  • Introduction to traditional baby massage strokes and routine
  • Locally sourced, organic baby massage oil
  • Practical approach and advice
  • Handouts with basic tips and workshop strokes
  • Relaxation exercises for parents
  • Tips for remedial baby massage for colicky babies/digestive issues and some “sleepy baby strokes”
  • “Serenity cocoon” environment: Relaxing, cosy, environment. Yoga mat and baby facilities provided – just bring yourself, your  beautiful baby, a blanket or fresh towel for optimal hygiene and  as much love as you can!
  • Basic introduction to four main areas of baby massage benefits
  • Refreshments and healthy snacks at end
  • Discount on full 4-Session Course
  • The start of your baby massage journey!


Please contact me direct for information on activity dates, availability and bookings.