My mission is to start you on a baby massage journey that you can enjoy and develop as you and your baby grow together.

Learn the basics of baby massage through my Foundation Workshop which introduces key strokes and principles. My 4-Session Course helps you develop your own practice and style – from a full body Indian-inspired baby massage routine with basic reflexology tips to a “tool kit” of strokes that can help with colicky issues, sleep or discomfort from teething or colds. Or choose to learn baby massage in the comfort of your home where I can offer you and your baby a tailored tutorial. 

My baby yoga classes offer you a chance to play and engage with your baby through yoga; introducing them to this practice with gentle yoga moves for them as well as yoga-inspired post-natal stretches for you to feel restored and energised.

Baby Massage Foundation Workshop

Baby Massage 4-Session Course

Baby Massage Home Tutorial

Baby Yoga