About me

I moved to the little land of Luxembourg about 7 years ago from London together with my husband, seeking a cosy place to live, work and start a family.

It’s thanks to our two beautiful daughters since then, and a serene moment whilst on a family summer holiday, that I stumbled upon baby massage as an ancient practice in India that I quickly fell in love with and wanted to learn all about. My interest in the magic ways of baby massage was ignited!

I love that baby massage offers such a natural way for us to enjoy the best gift I believe we can offer our babies and children, namely love and special bonding via “the vital touch”.

Having subsequently qualified as a baby massage instructor, my passion and learning for this practice continues to deepen today. I have since qualified as a baby yoga instructor too as a complementary practice to baby massage. It’s been great to share my learnings with others and to have personally been able to apply my new approaches and techniques to nurturing our second baby girl from her early days. I also enjoy exploring ways to adapt massage and yoga to enjoy with our older daughter. My mission now is to share this passion and empower other mothers (and fathers) to enjoy and benefit from baby massage and baby yoga.

My qualification and certifications are recognised internationally. I trained with the UK training provider Blossom & Berry, which is accredited by The Royal College of Midwives, The Federation of Holistic Therapists and the International Institute for Complementary Therapies. I am a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies and am fully registered to instruct baby massage and baby yoga in Luxembourg.