Baby Massage 4-Session Course

This is the “5-star” of baby massage learning and experience!

The course aim is to empower you to discover and develop baby massage practice which you can take home with you. I can start you on your journey of treasurable, magic moments of bonding and relaxation with your baby that you can continue from the early days through to toddler days and beyond.

You will also accumulate a “tool bag” of natural remedial baby massage techniques to offer your baby whenever you think s/he requires extra support for their health, including for colicky / digestive issues, winding, teething, colds, congested sinuses, general immunity-boosting strokes (lymphatic drainage) and “sleepy baby strokes” that can help aid sleep.

Upon completion of the course, you will be fully equipped to develop your own, safe and enjoyable Indian-inspired baby massage “recipe” of strokes and practice tailored to you and your baby.

The course sessions offer you this learning in a professional yet relaxed and personal environment (classes are small, max. 6 parents and babies).

As a trained baby yoga teacher, upon request, I can also introduce you to some basic baby yoga movements to incorporate into your practice.

To help clients continue baby massage practice after the course, I invite you to feel free to contact me for any follow-up, ad-hoc advice, refreshers and tips on baby massage as you and your baby grow together.

Ideal for babies 8 weeks – to crawling

Workshop length: 4 x sessions of 75 mins, typically over 4 weeks

*€180 EUR/200 EUR

(*180 EUR if you have particpated in a Foundation Workshop)


  • Full body, traditional baby massage routine based on blend of Indian and Swedish massage and simple foot reflexology strokes
  • Baby massage oil – locally sourced, hand blended organic massage oil – to take home
  • Handouts with strokes and explanations to continue your practice 
  • Practical approach and advice on positioning and environment to establish optimal, safe practice
  • “Colicky soothing” strokes that can help digestion issues and winding
  • “Tool bag” of other natural remedial baby massage techniques for teething, colds/congested sinuses, immunity-boost (lymphatic drainage) and “sleepy baby strokes” 
  • Relaxation techniques and exercises for you 
  • “Tummy time” (back massage) that can help strengthen their back and neck muscles
  • Dry massage strokes and baby yoga-inspired movements upon request e.g. for after time in car seat or buggy
  • Options and suggestions to include song and rhyme 
  • Advice for adapting baby massage as baby grows to toddler age (and beyond!)
  • Education on baby massage benefits 
  • Chance to meet other parents in a nurturing, supportive environment
  • After care: You can contact me for follow-up advice, refreshers and adapting your routine to your growing baby.


Please contact me direct for information on activity dates, availability and bookings.